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Hello! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

I’m Laura, an spanish illustrator living in a small village in France.

Drawing always has been my passion. I like to draw fun and colorful illustrations that hopefully makes smile or spark the imagination.

Even thought I graduated with Certificate of Higher Education in Illustration at EASD, I like to continue learning different techniques and tricks to expand my knowledge.

Currently represented by the Bright Agency (except for Spain and France).


I have had the pleasure to illustrate various picture books for different publishers such as:

Casterman , Fleurus (Vagnon), Skyhorse Publishing, Éditions Milan, Compass Publishing, Learning Without Tears, Auzou, ABC Mouse, Cherry Blossom Press .

Let's work together!

I’m really glad of receiving new working proposals and collaborations, so you’re very welcome to send me a message:



🌼 I like to collect old children's books, records and quiet moments.

🌼 I have a newsletter about my career as illustrator and some curious recommendations. (only in Spanish, sorry!)