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Hello! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ 

I’m Laura, an spanish illustrator living in a small village in France.

Drawing always has been my passion. I like to draw fun and colorful illustrations that hopefully makes smile or spark the imagination.

Even thought I graduated with Certificate of Higher Education in Illustration at EASD, I like to continue learning different techniques and tricks to expand my knowledge.

Currently represented by the Bright Agency (except for Spain and France).


I  have had the pleasure to illustrate various picture books for different publishers such as:

Casterman , Fleurus (Vagnon), Skyhorse Publishing, Éditions Milan, Compass Publishing, Learning Without Tears, Auzou, ABC Mouse, Age of Learning, Cherry Blossom Press...

Let's work together!

I’m really glad of receiving new working proposals and collaborations, so you’re very welcome to send me a message:



🌼 I like to collect old children's books, records and quiet moments.

🌼 I have a newsletter about my career as illustrator and some curious recommendations. (only in Spanish, sorry!)