Birthday Commissions

I design and do the illustrations for invitations, posters, backdrops and other different decorations and games for a birthday party.



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Games and others

Credit photos: @tsilli ❤️

How it works

Once a theme for the party has been chosen by the client, he/she will choose what elements the client want me to design for their party, from an invitation to a cute game, unleash your imagination! Then the client will receive a budget with what all the elements must be drawn will cost.

Then there will be three phases:

  • The roughts where I could make the appropriate changes.

  • Give color the elements for the party.

  • Payment and digital delivery of the illustrations in the format that the client wishes (JPG, PDF, PNG, etc).

Terms and conditions

  • Illustrations and designs to use exclusively for the event.

  • Remember that I am not in charge of printing the designs. Client can go to their trusted printing company.

  • Payments will be accepted via Paypal.

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Write me!

If you are interested in having a really special party for your children or for yourself, do not hesitate to write me an email.